Divine IAS Academy  Launched Weekly Current AffairsTo tackle with their high level examinations, here, Divine IAS Academy is offering you the best hand selected material by subject area. Among all other sections there is Current Affairs part, which includes weekly news covering all spheres. Thorough knowledge of this section not only helps you to pass the examination but it will also prove as a buck up in raising your overall examination marks.

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We will update the Current Affairs every week on Sunday.

Weekly Current Affairs May, 2017


1st Week (May) 2nd Week (May) 3rd Week (May) 4th Week (May) Empty

Daily Current Affairs March, 2017

1st March, 2017  8th March, 2017 15th March, 2017  22nd March, 2017  29th March, 2017
2nd March, 2017  9th March, 2017  16th March, 2017  23rd March, 2017  30th March, 2017
3rd March, 2017  10th March, 2017  17th March, 2017  24th March, 2017  31st march, 2017
4th March, 2017  11th March, 2017  18th March, 2017  25th March, 2017
5th March, 2017  12th February, 2017 19th March, 2017  26th March, 2017
6th March, 2017  13th March, 2017  20th March, 2017  27th March, 2017
7th March, 2017 14th March, 2017  21st March, 2017  28th February, 2017


Daily Current Affairs February, 2017

1st February, 2017  8th February, 2017 15th February, 2017  22nd February, 2017 
2nd February, 2017  9th February, 2017  16th February, 2017  23rd February, 2017 
3rd February, 2017  10th February, 2017  17th February, 2017  24th February, 2017 
4th February, 2017  11th February, 2017  18th February, 2017  25th February, 2017 
5th February, 2017  12th February, 2017 19th February, 2017  26th February, 2017 
6th February, 2017  13th February, 2017  20th February, 2017  27th February, 2017 
7th February, 2017 14th February, 2017  21st February, 2017  28th February, 2017

Daily Current Affairs January, 2017

Daily Current Affairs December, 2016

Daily Current Affairs November, 2016


Daily Current Affairs October, 2016